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The Chosen – Season 2 – Episode 4 

“The Perfect Opportunity” 

Episode Passages – John 5:1-16

 Study 4

Conversation Starter 

Do you think miracles still happen? Why or why not? 

Episode Questions 

1. In the episode when Jesus mentioned “everyone has had wilderness experiences,” what  do you think He meant? 

2. In history, the Jewish Zealots justified using force and violence to preserve their religion.  What is Jesus’ way of bringing people to faith in God? 

3. The paralyzed man and his brother both responded to pain and suffering in different  ways – yet ways that would not end their pain. What is your default to ease your pain  but really doesn’t help? 

4. In the episode, when Jesus was asked why He didn’t wait until sundown to perform the  miracle, He replied, “Sometimes you have to stir up the water.” What do you think He  meant? 


Personal Next Steps 

∙ Renew and Refresh – This week read John 5:1-16. 

∙ Self-Check 

o How do you answer Jesus’ question, “Do you want to be healed?” 

o What false belief are you letting keep you paralyzed?  

∙ Continuing the Conversation – Who do you know that is far from God that might be  moved closer to belief if they were to watch this episode? 

∙ Pray – Thank God for Jesus’ healing power that is always available to you. Ask God to  help you overcome your reliance on counterfeit solutions that are holding you back. 

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