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The Chosen – Season 2 – Episode 5 

“Not What You Expected?” 

Episode Passages – John 3:22-36; Mark 1:21-27 

Study 5 

Conversation Starter 

What’s the most fearful moment you’ve ever experienced? 

Episode Questions 

  1. How should fellow Christians who may not like each other interact with each other? 
  2. In the episode, Jesus reacted to John the Baptist’s plan to confront King Herod. Do you  believe it is a Christian’s responsibility to “call out” all of the sin we see in other people’s  lives? Why or why not? Are you using Jesus’ teachings to shape your view? 
  3. In the episode, Jesus attempts to coach John’s approach to reaching unbelievers. What direction is Jesus trying to guide John toward? 
  4. Have you ever been “disillusioned” as you’ve tried to follow Jesus’ ways? How did you  come through this time in your life? Has your faith in Christ gotten stronger since then?  Please share. 

Personal Next Steps 

Renew and Refresh – This week read John 3:22-36; Mark 1:21-27. 


o What would Jesus coach you about your way of interacting with people outside  the faith? 

o Who do you have in your life that helps you in times when your faith waivers?  When was the last time you had a meaningful and transparent conversation with  them?  

Continuing the Conversation – Who do you know outside the faith who may be more  open to hearing about Jesus if you were to try Jesus’ approach of graciousness and non judgment in your conversation with them? 

Pray – Thank God for Jesus choosing you to be in His Family not because of your abilities,  but simply because He wanted you.

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