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The Chosen – Season 2 – Episode 1


Episode Passages – Matthew 18:12-14; John 1:1-18; Luke 10:25-37 

Study 1

Conversation Starter       

What is your favorite moment from this episode? 

Episode Questions 

1. Talk about your first encounter with Jesus.

 2. Jesus taught about the one lost sheep being found and how our heavenly Father reacts.  Knowing our God actually rejoices when we have a change of heart about our sin, does  that encourage you to approach Him for help to change? Why or why not?

 3. In the episode Jesus said, “I ask a lot of those who follow Me, but I ask little of those who  don’t.” What do you think some of the things Jesus asks of those who follow Him?

 4. In the episode, Jesus corrects James’ and John’s condemning attitude. Who are some  “Samaritan types”, as Christians, we need to forgive realizing we are no more “worthy” than they are? 

5. John’s writing depicts Christ’s “bigness.” How do we let Jesus be “bigger” in our lives on a  day to day basis? 

Personal Next Steps 

∙Renew and Refresh –

This week read Matthew 18:12-14; John 1:1-18; Luke 10:25-37


∙ Self-Check 

1. What area of your life comes to mind when you think about repenting from  something? Remembering your heavenly Father rejoices when you repent from  sin in your life, do you believe He is approachable and wants to help you with  your struggle? What will you invite Him to help you change? 

2. How have you felt the “cost” of following Jesus? If you aren’t feeling the cost, is it  because you are not following Jesus very closely? What are you willing to do to  follow more closely?


 ∙ Continuing the Conversation –

What about this episode would you share with someone  you know who is far from God? ∙


Pray – Thank your heavenly Father for seeking you as a lost sheep. Ask Him to show you  ways where you could repent and see others with value as He does. 



*Guide supplied by Cornerstone Family Church of Saint Cloud