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The Chosen – Season 2 – Episode 2

 “I Saw You” 

Episode Passage – John 1:19-51

Study 2


Watch the episode HERE


Conversation Starter

Who invited you to “come see Jesus?” Any stories?


Episode Questions

1. Nathanael’s plans for his life ended abruptly. Share a time when you experienced  disillusionment or missed expectations in life. Did your faith falter or help you through this  season?

2. Do you believe people outside the faith that know you still define you by your past or do  they see you’ve changed? Explain.

3. Who’s friendship with you has helped you the most to follow Jesus? Can you share any  stories of how?  

4. How do you see the difference between following Jesus and Christianity as a “religion?”


Personal Next Steps:


∙ Renew and Refresh – This week read John 1:19-51


∙ Self-Check 

Seeing how Jesus responded to the tensions among the disciples, is there  someone in your life that differences are causing you to treat poorly? What would Christ instruct you to do with regard to this person? 

Nathanael was in a dark place in this episode. Are you in a “good place” right  now as far as how you feel your life is unfolding?  How are you handling disappointments currently?  Are you drawing toward God or pulling back right now? What could you do to help your situation?


∙ Continuing the Conversation –

Phillip was passionate when he invited Nathanael to come  see Jesus. Who would you passionately invite to “come see Jesus?”

What would you  invite them to? (Would they watch any of the Chosen episodes?)


∙ Pray – Thank your heavenly Father for never turning away from you – even in your dark  times. Ask Him to stir passion in you for His ways and to talk about Him with others.