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Season 3 Episode 2

"Two by Two"


Let’s Dive a little Deeper! 

Before watching the episode, read the following Scriptures and journal about what you receive from the Holy Spirit. 

MONDAY: Matthew 10:1-15  

TUESDAY: Mark 6:7-13 


THURSDAY: Romans 10:14-15, 2 Corinthians 5:18-21 



Read Matt 10:1-15 again as a group 

Which words of Jesus here in Matthew 10 do you remember from this Episode? 


Talk about the disciples' reaction to Jesus’ words.   

What would your reaction have been?   

Would you have stayed with the group or chosen to bail out at this point? 


Don't miss the great line "None of you is what you are".  Do you have any difficulty believing that for yourself?  For others? 


"I want you to learn what it means to fully rely on your Father in heaven" - does God want that for us?  How will we learn it? 


The apostles meet outside Matthew's old home and are strengthened by God's word.  What plan will you put into place to be strengthened by God's word every day? 


Switching gears to the scene of Little James and Jesus … 


What is Jesus' message to James? (See if you can remember all that Jesus tells him ... maybe go back and re-watch this portion to catch it all). 

What are your thoughts as you consider the conversation? 

 Read II Corinthians 12:7-10.  It almost seems like Paul is channeling Little James! 

 Jesus ends it this way:  "You will be healed; it's only a matter of time" What does this mean to you? 

 Last scene for discussion:  

Matthew and his parents. 

In Matthew 6:14 after Jesus tells us how we should pray He tells us “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” 

Also, in Matthew 18:21-35, Jesus teaches about the unmerciful servant, which is a good lesson in forgiveness. 

READ Eph. 4:32 

By naming and listing his sins and the effect his sin has had on his parents, Matthew lets his parents know that he gets it.  That he's thought about it.  That he understands that pain that he has caused.  Which helps them to know that he won't do those things again.  And the same with his father, when he lists out how he has sinned and how he has 'made things worse' - that helps Matthew believe that his father will not do that again.   
Is there someone in your life whom you have hurt, to whom you need to go and say more than "I'm sorry" in order to restore the relationship? 


The response to the list of sins is not as we usually respond ("It's OK" or "It's no big deal").  It is a BIG DEAL.  And so, the response is "I forgive you".  Which implies that a huge debt is owed ... the sin was huge ... the hurt was huge ... but the debt is now canceled.  The past is the past.  "I forgive you" is the only way that we can live out "None of us is what we once were".   


 Is there someone in your life to whom you need to say not "It's OK" but truly say "I forgive you" and begin the relationship anew? 


What can you pray about as you consider these scriptures and this episode in the days ahead?