God is doing a marvelous work within our ministry. 
Children are welcome. They must be accompanied by an adult. They must be supervised at all times.
Masks must be worn within the facility by ALL when not seated except for the speaker unless ministering within 6 feet of anyone.
Foursquare Leader Weekly
Foursquare Leader Update

COVID-19 has forced dramatic changes to our ministry contexts and caused us to examine who we are, and why we do what we do. So what have we learned?

Adaptabilityidentityboots-on-the-ground organizing and cultural intelligence are some of the most relevant skills we’ve had to call upon (and maybe even learn) as leaders this year.

Follow along with General Supervisor Wendy Nolasco and several of our district supervisors as they deep-dive into an exploration of these crucial lessons we’re continuing to learn as a “new normal” unfolds.

Statistics show that pornography use has climbed in conjunction with stay-at-home orders since the onset of the pandemic. For many, feelings of isolation, loneliness, boredom and the need to “escape” have resulted in a destructive cycle that can feel never-ending.

Winning The Battle is a free, live, one-hour webinar hosted by the Religious Alliance Against Pornography (RAAP) that will present the reality of the pornography problem among teens and young adults within the faith community. It will also offer practical steps that faith community leaders can take to help those under their care. The focus will be on those who are helping teens and young adults, especially parents and clergy. Each presenter will share a real story of someone who has faced the challenge and found victory. Winning The Battle is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov., 10, at noon EST.